Introducing the culture of collaboration. Aims for improved intercommunication, engagement and ideasharing

Proven Versatility

Proven Versatility

Flexible learning and tutoring methods. Fully customizable, built to adapt to future advancements



Get information related to customer behavior, actions and more. Make decisions based on the decodedinformation

Scalable and Adaptable

Scalable and Adaptable

Ideal for modern digital education scenario. Made to handle and adapt to the changing marketconditions

E-learning Software Solution Focal Points for Accelerated Business Growth

Clearly-focused business attributes areincorporated to ensure world-class performance and learning experience


Smart Admin Dashboard

An advanced admin panel will allow enterprises to take entire control of the process. Manage andorganize the operations more efficiently.

Actionable Data Insights

Obtain valuable information based on customer behaviors, actions, and intentions. Leverage thesame to grow your business further

Multiple Revenue Streams

Earn profit through varied revenue sources. Site commission, subscription, and ads are the threemain revenue mediums

Multi Language Support

Localization, the process of adapting a website to support international audiences. We support LTR(Left to Right) and RTL(Right to Left) for languages Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu.

Results-driven Add-on Services to Upgrade Your Business

Cutting-edge value-added services to rationalizeyour E-learning business


Advanced Customization

Avail our premium customization services to reform your e-learning platform in such a way toalign with your demands

Optimization Services

Employ our digital marketing and SEO services to enhance your business presence and visibility

Server Support and Maintenance

Comprehensive support and maintenance services to stay ahead of the curve

Content Management

Develop and publish SEO optimized contents. Make the best out of your content marketing effortswith our dynamic content services